Contract OCR, Extraction, and Migration

In today’s data-driven world, you need access to contract metadata that is easy to view, search and use. With our help, you can gain insights about your business that will help you earn a better return on investment on your CLM initiative.
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We’re committed to helping you do more with your contract data.

A successful migration is key to your team’s comprehensive CLM program, and gives your users a solution they can trust: a fully indexed, searchable repository, trusted metadata of contract terms and obligations.

Doubting your existing Contract Management System?

Until now, you may doubt your existing system, especially if you encounter issues like limited contract visibility, fragmented share drives and rudimentary repositories, duplicate agreements, missing records, unconnected contract hierarchies, or a Lack of monitoring functions to warn about key contractual events.

Thanks to our end-to-end contracts migration services, businesses stand to gain a lot, including:

Loading to CLM for Improved Searching, Reporting, and Monitoring

With diverse functionality, E-mail notifications and alerts tested and enabled, we simplify management of contract relationships and legacy contracts. You can also monitor all data, OCR enabled contracts, and supporting documents, all of which are uploaded to your CLM environment.

Contract Discovery

We help you scan folders and network drives to discover all your contracts, identify their locations, and flag duplicates for deletion so you can avoid redundancies.

Contract Review

Each contract is manually reviewed by our Contract Analysts providing a level of accuracy that technology can provide on its own. They double-check accuracy, transcribe handwriting, or link parent/child agreements.

Contracts Data Transformation

You’ll have a holistic view of your contract data, standardized by a well-defined set of lists, formats, and rules, making it easy to perform accurate searching and reporting.

OCR and Key Data Extraction

Through machine learning software, we extract essential contract data, and make it easy for you to review all contracts through an optimized, searchable PDF.
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Experienced in creating repositories and unlocking insights from Legacy Contracts

We understand that collecting data from thousands of contracts, or tens of thousands, appears insurmountable, which is why we built a practice around it. After facilitating a collaborative workshop, our consultants take on all the hard work for you, utilizing machine learning models and onboarding our experienced team of contract analysts to validate results, all to rebuild your trust in contract data accuracy.

Case Studies: Contract OCR and Extraction Services

Explore real-world scenarios where Mainspring’s Contract OCR, and Extraction Services have made a substantial impact. From automating tedious manual processes to achieving near-perfect accuracy in data extraction, these case studies illuminate the tangible benefits that these technologies offer across various industries.
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