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Providing integrated digital transformation solutions for CLM, CPQ, Migration, and Analytics
Delivering the Middle Office to be easier, faster, smarter while maximizing value for your customers, suppliers, and partners.
Next-gen technology for easier, faster, smarter, business transactions, accurately aligned to desired incentives while increasing sales productivity.
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Taking companies forward starting with the Middle.

We offer digital transformation services for Legal, Sales and Procurement, helping clients maximize their contracts and profitability with best practices, proven tech, and rigorous deployment.

Legal, Sales, and Procurement are the backbone of operations for the Middle Office, bridging the gap between front and back office functions. We focus on digital transformation programs for the Middle Office that close this gap for organizations to reap the benefits of operating as ‘one-firm’.

— Mauro Caputi, CRO, Mainspring

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CLM and CPQ Implementations


ROI Generated


the Industry Average (for Professional Services Firms)

Digital Transformation for the Middle Office

We offer digital transformation services for the Middle Office, helping clients maximize their contracts and profitability with best practices, proven tech, and rigorous development.


Our end-to-end services include strategy, implementation, managed services, analytics, and AI.

  • Strategy, Selection, and Planning
  • Implementation and Integration
  • Contracts AI Abstraction, Cleansing, and Migration
  • Managed Services and Analytics
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Our team provides a turnkey approach for your CLM, CPQ, and Contract Migration needs.

  • Contracts Lifecycle Management (CLM)
  • Configure Price Quote (CPQ)
  • Contract OCR, Extraction, and Migration
  • Intelligent Contract Analyzer (ICA)
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Our clients benefit from a true partnership

Mainspring revolutionized our contract management approach. Their CLM expertise helped streamline processes, boost efficiency, and increase compliance. A game-changer for our business!

-GC, Large Pharmaceutical Company

Grateful to Mainspring for their exceptional efforts. With 20 years of enterprise experience, this is among the best implementation partnerships. The CLM and CPQ system is vital to our business success.

- Global Sales Operations, Technology & Services Company

This initiative yielded invaluable insights into our agreements, revealing crucial language gaps. Addressing these enhanced risk management and contractual compliance, bolstering our business.

- Compliance Manager, NA Distribution Leader

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