Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Generate quotes faster and easier, and more accurately aligned to desired incentives while increasing sales productivity.
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Next-gen technology for smarter, faster business transactions.

We work with clients to build fully integrated systems that support sales, sales operations, pricing, legal, and finance, business functions of an organization. Our services range from software evaluations, implementations, integrations, dashboards and remote administrative production support.

Our CPQ services extend beyond the technology itself.

We streamline your sales funnel, and use automation to optimize your processes so you can offer people a smooth customer journey. With CPQ, you will have faster sales cycles, and your team will have everything they need to respond to customers, and close all-important deals.

Our CPQ services are dedicated to help you do the following:

Continuous Improvement Support

Administering production support for continuous improvement enhancements to ensure your technology investments grows as your business or industry evolves

Process Optimization

Streamlining business processes related to product or service configuration, pricing and discounting, quoting, and contracting.

Streamlined Sales Management

Creating templates, electronic signature integration, and price books including data migration.

Solutions Design / Tailored Solutions

Identifying functional requirements for configuration or integration and then design specific solutions to fit your needs.

Technology Training Sessions

Conducting training so your sales teams understand how to enhance their individual sales-cycles with this new technology to boost sales and productivity.
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— Richard Branson

Faster Sales Cycle Times From Lead to Close

Reduction in configuration & pricing errors

Increased upsell and cross-sell opportunities

Reduction in rogue discounting & streamlining of approval process


How your team will benefit with CPQ

These metrics gives you a real-time look into revenue performance and risk factors across your entire process, giving early warning into revenue issues and actionable intelligence for running your business.

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Mainspring's CPQ and Implementation Services provides a real-time look into revenue performance and risk factors across the entire process 
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