LVVWD - Streamlining the Contract Creation Process with CLM



Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) faced challenges in their contract creation process, with lengthy cycles and a lack of efficiency. To address these issues, they implemented a comprehensive Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution.

Business Challenge

The organization’s contract creation process was time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to errors. Manual workflows and approval procedures resulted in delays and increased operational costs. LVVWD sought a solution that could transform their contract creation process for greater efficiency and productivity.

Solution Delivered

With the help of Mainspring, a CLM was implemented to streamline the contract creation process. By automating and digitizing workflows, the solution enabled self-service contract creation, reducing the dependency on manual tasks and approvals. Mainspring’s implementation services provided a centralized and standardized approach to contract management, ensuring consistency and accuracy throughout the process.

The implementation of a new CLM has revolutionized the way LVVWD handles contract creation. By automating and streamlining workflows, the solution has transformed the process, leading to greater efficiency and effectiveness. The reduced cycle time, increased productivity, and cost savings have had a significant positive impact on the organization’s bottom line. With Mainspring, LVVWD has achieved a new level of efficiency and effectiveness in managing their contracts.

Key Results

Since implementing CLM, LVVWD has experienced remarkable improvements in their contract creation process, resulting in several benefits:

Reduction in Cycle Time

The most significant benefit has been the noticeable decrease in the time required to create and approve contracts. By streamlining the process, the organization has achieved faster turnaround times, accelerating contract completion.

Increased Efficiency

 By eliminating redundant tasks and automating workflows, LVVWD has achieved higher productivity and valuable resources have been freed up to focus on strategic and business-critical activities. It has brought much-needed efficiencies to the contract creation process.

Cost Savings

The optimization of the contract creation process through CLM has resulted in cost savings for LVVWD. The reduction in manual efforts, elimination of errors, and faster contract completion have contributed to improved operational effectiveness and financial savings.

Operational Effectiveness

The CLM has enhanced the overall effectiveness of the organization’s contract management. Standardized processes and centralized document storage have minimized errors and improved compliance. The organization now benefits from greater control and visibility over their contracts.

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