FTI - Streamlines Revenue Management with CPQ



FTI Consulting, with the help of Mainspring, streamlines revenue management with a new CPQ and Billing solution. Enhanced efficiency, accurate pricing, and seamless automation boost revenue and control, setting FTI Consulting apart in their industry.

Business Challenge

FTI Consulting faced significant challenges in their sales processes, relying on a heavily customized Salesforce solution, Excel pricing workbooks, and manual Word quotes. The processes for collecting and rating customer usage and generating invoice data were cumbersome and error-prone. Approvals for all quotes were managed through a labor-intensive email process.

Solution Delivered

Mainspring stepped in to provide a comprehensive solution, implementing CPQ and Billing technologies to address FTI Consulting's challenges effectively. The key components of the solution included:

  • Service Offering Management: Streamlining the creation and accurate pricing of service offerings in various currencies, including bundled product offerings.
  • Customer-Specific Pricing: Enabling customer-specific pricing when contractual agreements required customization.
  • Automated Approvals: Implementing approval triggers for products falling outside of predefined thresholds, enhancing control and efficiency.
  • Effortless Proposal Generation: Enabling the generation of proposals and engagement letters in multiple languages and regions with a single click, with the flexibility to include or exclude supporting content.
  • Usage Inputs: Collecting and rating usage inputs through external integrations.
  • Billing and Invoice Automation: Generating billing and usage schedules, and conducting invoice runs to seamlessly deliver billing information to the ERP.

Key Results

With Mainspring's help, FTI Consulting not only optimized their revenue management processes but also gained a competitive edge by embracing automation and improving efficiency across their operations.

The project's success resulted in numerous benefits for FTI Consulting:

Revenue Maximization

Enhanced process automation allowed for the maximization of customer revenue and profitability

Efficient Quoting

By automating the quoting process, they simplified the creation of proposals, quotes, and usage inputs while enhancing tracking capabilities

End-to-End Streamlining

A robust integration between front-end sales and Accounting and Finance departments was crucial for ensuring efficient operations, seamless financial management and a cohesive flow of information and transactions

Enhanced Accuracy and Control

Improved the overall system accuracy, transparency, visibility, and control while decreasing financial risk through structured pricing and pricing guardrails