Southern Glazer - Streamlines Operations and Boosts Output



Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits (SGWS) faced challenges with a misaligned organizational structure and needed to integrate new features into their Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) system. Mainspring successfully realigned the structure and implemented enhancements to their CLM. The project involved organizational updates and system enhancements, requiring separate testing and deployments. Approximately 200 users were impacted, and Mainspring provided comprehensive training materials and sessions, empowering SGWS to effectively utilize the updated CLM system.

Business Challenge

SGWS underwent a revamp of its organizational structure, which misaligned with the initial CLM implementation. This affected agreement visibility, requests, workflow, and approvals. It was crucial to implement the new organizational structure by February, when it would go live. Mainspring successfully accomplished this goal with a flawless deployment on the required date.

Additionally, SGWS required new capabilities, including agreement prioritization for Legal, simplified page layouts, enhanced cycle time reporting visibility, streamlined agreement wizards, automated agreement financial write-ups, and an agreement status chevron linked to cycle time. These challenges prompted SGWS to seek solutions, and Mainspring implemented these new features and functionalities alongside 18 others to address their contracting needs.

Solution Delivered

SGWS partnered with Mainspring to implement organizational updates and enhancements to their CLM. The project built upon the Phase 1 CLM implementation completed by Mainspring in 2020 and encompassed two major components:

  • Updating SGWS’s existing organizational structure to a newly defined structure in CLM provided by SGWS.
  • Implementing several system enhancements to augment and expand SGWS’s CLM deployment, introducing new features and functions.

Due to the distinct nature of these components, separate User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and deployments were conducted.

Client Outcome and User Adoption

Approximately 200 users were impacted by the enhancements. Mainspring provided End User Functional Training materials, which served as the foundation for training SGWS’s end-users. Mainspring also delivered training sessions to a select group of power users, who then trained various groups across the organization. The training sessions were recorded and have become part of SGWS’s CLM training library.

Key Results

By partnering with Mainspring, SGWS successfully implemented a CLM that addresses their business challenges, drives efficiency, and improves overall productivity. The Phase 2 enhancements implemented during the project have positioned SGWS for continued growth and success in their industry.

Enhanced Contract Visibility

Improved overall productivity, paving the way for future improvements to the bottom line and reducing redundancies.

Immediate Impact

Alongside enhanced efficiencies and productivity, improved user adoption and a dynamic user experience were key factors contributing to the success of Phase 2.

New Features & Functionality

Designed to enhance ease of use, providing a positive outlook for increased user adoption, which will be closely monitored.