Abbott - Deploys CLM Globally Through New Contracts Center of Excellence



Abbott Laboratories, a renowned multinational healthcare company operating in over 160 countries, embarked on a journey to optimize its operations through a global deployment of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM). Partnering with Mainspring, Abbott established a Contracts Center of Excellence to lead this initiative, focusing on providing leadership, best practices, guidance, and support.

Business Challenge

Having previously implemented a "baseline" CLM system, Abbott's legal team recognized the potential for further operational enhancements by extending CLM's footprint globally. To ensure the success of this ambitious endeavor, Abbott aimed to foster user adoption, a critical factor in any global implementation. Mainspring was enlisted to simplify Abbott's Contract Request process, ultimately reducing data entry by an 30%. The streamlining effort aimed to increase user satisfaction and ease maintenance.

Solution Delivered

Mainspring collaborated with Abbott to implement several key improvements to their existing CLM system, including:

  • Process Simplification: Abbott's Contract Request process was streamlined, significantly reducing the need for manual data entry. This simplification was achieved by reconfiguring routing rules, rationalizing reusable Wizard pages, establishing field dependencies and relationships, and utilizing auto-populated fields based on user ID settings.
  • Phased Deployment Strategy: Abbott adopted a "planning big but starting small" strategy in anticipation of phased releases and multiple deployments. The company structured divisions (Business, Division, Business Unit) for various objects such as User ID, External Party, External Contact, Contract records, and Templates. Security and visibility privileges were maintained to ensure division-specific records remained isolated. Default values, such as approvers, currency, date/time formats, number formats, and Fair Market Value (FMV) rate calculations, were adjusted based on the country or region, depending on the transaction.
  • Template Filtering: Template filtering functionality was introduced to prevent users from selecting inappropriate template versions, ensuring that users initiate the Contract Drafting step with the correct template. This refinement led to more accurate tracking and substantial improvements in cycle times.

Key Results

Abbott's global user community has enthusiastically embraced the vision of CLM and now actively contributes, aligning with Abbott's corporate mission of delivering "great health technologies to the people who need them." By establishing the Contracts Center of Excellence, Abbott has harnessed best practices and created a streamlined process that benefits everyone involved.

Key Outcomes:

  • 30% reduction in data entry, resulting in increased user satisfaction.
  • Improved accuracy and efficiency in the contract workflow.
  • A fully engaged global user community aligned with the company's vision.

Abbott's collaboration with Mainspring to deploy CLM globally and establish a Contracts Center of Excellence exemplifies their commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and fostering a culture of user adoption. By continually improving their CLM system and processes, Abbott is better positioned to deliver on its mission of providing innovative healthcare solutions to those in need. As an extension of Abbott's organization, Mainspring continues to support their CLM journey, offering a multi-layered approach from strategy planning through implementation and managed services.