Kitz - CPQ Testing and Remediation Success



KITZ, a global valve manufacturer, overcame CPQ challenges amidst the pandemic with Mainspring's support. The successful implementation enabled efficient quoting, inventory optimization, and streamlined order processing, laying the groundwork for continuous improvement.

Business Challenge

KITZ faced a unique challenge when their CPQ implementation project was put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, compounded by the fact that their original system integrator had suspended its CPQ practice. They approached Mainspring with the following needs:

  • Completing their minimally viable product (MVP) for immediate use
  • Developing a long-term roadmap to maximize their technology investments

Solution Delivered

In collaboration with KITZ and a third-party integrations specialist, Mainspring executed a comprehensive solution to address KITZ's challenges:

  • Data Integration Testing: Mainspring conducted rigorous testing of data flow, encompassing accounts, products, pricing, costs, vendors, and inventory, all originating from their SAP system of record. Integration was achieved through Oracle and IBM AppConnect, with validation performed in Salesforce and Conga CPQ.
  • Order Flow Validation: The end-to-end process, including order creation in Conga CPQ and its subsequent transmission to SAP, was thoroughly validated.
  • Gap Analysis: Mainspring conducted a gap analysis to identify areas within the existing solution that deviated from best practices or had suboptimal architecture.
  • Backlog Creation: A backlog of user stories was developed to address future improvements and enhancements.

Key Results

With this project, KITZ not only overcame the obstacles created by the pandemic but also set a foundation for continuous improvement and long-term technology optimization, ensuring they can better serve their customers and meet their evolving needs.

The outcome of this project delivered tangible results, enabling KITZ to fully utilize its CPQ solution and unlock its value:

Successful Go-Live

Empowering their sales users to accurately select and price products, including customer-specific pricing

Inventory Optimization

Sales teams can now verify inventory levels and select the most suitable warehouses for fulfilling customer orders

Efficient Quoting

The CPQ solution enabled the generation of quote documents tailored for each customer

Seamless Order Processing

Orders generated in the CPQ system are seamlessly transmitted downstream to their ERP, enhancing the overall efficiency of order fulfillment