Optimizely - CPQ and CLM Digital Transformation Success



Optimizely, a digital experience leader, overcame manual order form challenges through a CPQ and CLM digital transformation. By streamlining workflows, reducing manual errors, and enabling efficient approval routing they enhanced operational efficiency and customer success.

Business Challenge

Optimizely partnered with Mainspring to help with the following challenges:

  • Time-consuming manual order form creation process
  • Multiple errors and inconsistencies in order forms across the system
  • Lack of a defined approval process for order forms

Solution Delivered

To address these challenges, the project aimed to enable self-service capabilities, streamline workflows and enhance order form management. The goal was to enable self-service capabilities for Optimizely's sellers through automation, reducing the reliance on the Business Desk, while still including order form approval routing. New or renewal order forms and addendum automation enabled self-service capabilities for the Renewals Team and Customer Success.
  • Reviewed the current state to formulate a to-be process, deployment roadmap, and contracts data migration strategy.
  • Developed a to-be process with a high-level solution design with a focus on creating efficiencies through the integration of CPQ and CLM workflows.
  • Defined the quoting processes (net new, renewal, amendment).
  • Implemented solution to automate the creation of the order form on quote approval and sending the order form for eSignature via DocuSign.

Key Results

Optimizely's digital transformation initiative not only improved operational efficiency but also empowered their team to focus on strategic initiatives and customer success, aligning with their philosophy of being "large enough to serve, small enough to care."

Following the successful implementation of the CPQ and CLM digital transformation program, Optimizely experienced a range of significant benefits:

Automated Order Forms

Automated order form creation and approval process were automated, reducing manual effort and potential errors 

Error Reduction

Order form automation resulted in fewer user errors and improved turnaround time

Efficient Approval Routing

The ability to route order forms for eSignatures and streamlining the approval process